Who is who


Hellenic Origin

A brand established in Greece, eudaimonia is founded by three Hellenic women - Maria, Chryssa and Eva – each with extensive experience in large multinational companies that decided to take a turn and partake in a self-made initiative to provide premium, ageless jewellery and crafts. Our passion for distinctive, timeless style has its foundation in the culture, heritage, craftmanship and beauty of the Hellenic spirit.


Hellenic Made

We design and develop all our pieces in Greece in collaboration with creatives, craftsmen and designers all interested in providing consumers with unique, eonian pieces. Eudaimonia’s ultimate goal is to collaborate and support artists to build their businesses & evolve their craft.



Urban architecture, geometry, nature, museum ceramics, or simply the movement of a skirt are just some of the sources of inspiration that have driven us to provide specific form to shapes and objects that, once they have been developed, make us feel the eudaimonia we are seeking for.



Simplicity and elegance
Pure, clean forms that are mixed and matched in a way to create uniquely elegant designs that make a statement.

Timeless Style
Timelessness also embraces the notion of lack of ownership. Owning jewellery that can be passed down and worn by future generations is the ultimate sense of timeless style and slow – eternal fashion.